Did Wholesale NFL ‘Color Rush’ Jerseys just get leaked?

After a soft launch that involved just eight teams last year, the NFL’s Color Rush campaign will be returning with a bang in 2016: All 32 teams will be participating.

The inclusion of every team means that there will be 32 new alternate wholesale jerseys this year that each team will wear for its Thursday night games.

When Lions president Rod Wood revealed in late March that Nike’s Color Rush campaign would be returning in 2016, he said that each team would reveal its new jersey/shirt when the 2016 regular season schedule came out, cheap nfl jerseys.

“The roll out of the Color Rush wholesale jerseys for all teams will occur when they announce the schedule,” Wood said at the time.

Unfortunately for us though, the wholesale jerseys weren’t unveiled on April 14 when the NFL released its 2016 schedule. However, there is a possible leak that shows which color each team will wear next season, and who doesn’t love a good leak?

Keep in mind, this is a leak and we won’t know how accurate it is until the NFL actually unveils every team’s Color Rush jersey.

That being said, it wouldn’t be a shock to see the Seahawks in lime-green. The team wore lime green jerseys during a 2009 game against the Bears and then broke them out again for a few training camp practices in 2015.

Also, the Vikings, Chiefs and Saints would all look cool in yellow/gold. You know what, everyone will look cool in every color. I used to hate the idea of the Color Rush, but now I love it.

The Bengals wholesale jerseys could also potentially be awesome. White bengal tigers actually exist and they’re probably pretty upset that the Bengals have never honored them with a jersey.

On the other hand, don’t get too excited about the cheap Cardinals jerseys, Raiders or Steelers’ gold wholesale jerseys.

Steelers president Art Rooney has already said his team will wear all-white or all-black for Color Rush.

“We had our options,” Rooney said, via the Steelers official nfl website. “We had some presentations from Nike in terms of what the options were, and we decided our color-option was going to be black, and the default option is going to be white. When you’re the road team, the home team gets to decide what it’s wearing.”

As Rooney said, Nike presented the Steelers with several options and it’s very possible that the design board above is what Nike presented to each team, and of course, each team would’ve had the option to switch out if they didn’t like it.

Teams would also have to switch out of their color if it was too similar to another team. For instance, the Chargers and Broncos won’t both be able to wear blue in Week 6, just as the Raiders and Chiefs can’t both wear gold in Week 14. The same thing applies to the Cardinals at 49ers game in Week 5.

If the 49ers wear gold, the Cards wouldn’t be allowed to wear anything close to that, which means, unfortunately, no crazy yellow jersey for Arizona.

As the leaked image notes, all designs “are subject to change,” and if the leaked image turns out to be completely wrong, well, we can still argue in the comments section about who has the best Color Rush jersey. Right now, I vote Baltimore.

The home team will get the first choice of color in all Color Rush games. You can see the entire wholesale jerseys Thursday night schedule by clicking here.